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Sichuan Jianghuai power forklift company limited 

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Secondary Rental二手租赁

Sichuan Jianghuai forklifts to provide 2 kinds of lease:

Long term rental trucks rental period of over 6 months

Short term rental trucks rental period in days or time unit

A long term lease.

Long term lease is the material handling equipment to the professional service providers, the company has focused on the core business, the decrease of fixed assets investment, can keep the funds to other areas of investment, the lease by the monthly the rental fee as business expenses, can reduce this part of fund tax.

Two - short term lease

When you're in the short term to forklift trucks, such as the increase in the volume of work / seasonal demand or other equipment is under repair, short-term lease is very reasonable, you can direct the rent charged directly to your profit and loss statement without involving the balance sheet.

Three. Forklift truck rental service process

Customer demand for telephone services Forklift lease to understand customer needs, recommend to confirm the forklift forklift type reference rent and price sign forklift lease contract to crossover to the customer use

Forklift truck rental service telephone: 028-61368500 18328751552



     Various types of forklift ( old and new leasing )
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